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Seriously Joan Jett, You need to stop looking like my mother. It’s freaky.  

Seriously Joan Jett, You need to stop looking like my mother. 
It’s freaky.  

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It’s nice to know that my boyfriend doesn’t judge me when I tell him about my feelings about her upcoming wedding. Instead of making inappropriate comments about our time together, getting jealous etc. He actually sits and listens to me ramble or whenever I look forlorn, he comes up and gives me a hug and says “I understand. It’s okay to feel this way.”

 It’s rather surreal, but I love him for it.
Thank you.

Back to Black.

ya ya ya ya ya.

I’m kinda tired of this red, I should really redye it back to black.

Hopefully I’ll have enough time to do so before (Not so) My Emma M.’s wedding on Saturday morning. 

Goddamnit, she’s getting married. I’m happy for her, and she’s got a good wife. But I still have some feels for her. 

I should have said something




 Still love her, no matter what. That’s the deal, she knows it.